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Boring quiz. But if you are on my LJ friends list and I know you personally, you're in there!

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Aug. 20th, 2005 | 08:27 am
mood: awakeawake
music: Chiba Saeko - Sayonara Solitiare

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.

1.~How did you meet sneekles? SCHOOL!
2.~What would you do if you had never met refuser? CRY!! :(
3.~What do you honestly think of martn? I think he's gotten alot hotter over the years haha
4.~Would or did martn and bloodxaddiction go out? Haha no wtf Martin is gay and lives here, Nikki is straight and lives in central coast. Long distance relationships never work!
5.~Have you ever liked plastickitten? Yeah since forever!! <3
6.~If fruitkiller died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? That I'm stealing your 4 unit english major work :D
7.~Would purple_kitten and spazzamettariat make a good couple? I have.. never considered it before ^^;;; Potential??
8.~Describe marcyong in 3 words: Big W, Lellos, Mooks!
9.~Do you think berimbau is hot? YES. I THINK BERIMBAU IS HOT <3333333333
10.~Would fruitkiller and kyxie make a lovely couple? hahah that would be interesting but no
11.~What do you think of when you see bloodxaddiction? nikkie!! <3 (yeah i think 'heart'!)
12.~Tell me something humiliating about spazzamettariat: If I knew something humiliating I'd probably keep it to myself ^^;
13.~Do you know any of sque's family members? Not really! I know you have younger brothers who play world of warcraft...
14.~What's martn's favorite color? I don't know lol pink?! :P!
15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is martn? 10!! Why are all these questions Martin related...
17.~What language does martn speak? Indonesian, English
18.~Who is martn going out with? Some cute marcellin boy from work! AYE AYE!! ^^
19.~Is slippingdown a boy or a girl? Girl
20.~Would itgoesdark and geh_indo make a good couple? Wow hahah no, but at least this is a male/female pairing which shares the same sexual orientation
21.~Who do you think pink_b would be great with from this list? MARTNI!
22.~When was the last time you talked to berimbau? Too long ago! He asked me why I was online so late! Then he went to bed because he had uni the next day. I miss you!!
23.~What is plastickitten's favorite band? Oh man I don't know about FAVOURITE.. haha but remember blonde filter...?! :P
24.~Does purple_kitten have any siblings? Not that I'm aware of...
25.~Would you ever date sque? Nah! I think we both like boys!
26.~Would you ever date marcyong? Haha who knows!
27.~Is pink_b single? Yes? Unless... you are currently seeing someone... in which case you wouldn't be
28.~What is martn's last name? Tanudjaja!
29.~What is itgoesdark's middle name? No idea, sorry!
30~What is martn's fantasy? Haha I'm not sure I could handle Martin's fantasy!!
31.~Where does slippingdown live? at SCHOOL!! Boarder!!!!
32.~Would you make out with sneekles? Haha I don't know Madeleine... would you make out with me?! :P
33.~Are refuser and sque best friends? They aren't even aware of the others existence
34.~Does marcyong like martn? Ditto... strangers!
35.~How did you meet itgoesdark? School
36.~Is berimbau older than you? Yes!!!! Just a bit ^^;
37.~Is kyxie the sexiest person alive? Probably!

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